Tips for Comments

How do I include LaTeX in a comment?

    To include latex code in a comment, use the code $ latex code$, only without the space between the first dollar sign and the word ‘latex’, and with your code in place of the word ‘code’. So, for example, $ latex \mathbb{Z}$ without the space would display as \mathbb{Z}.

I posted a comment and it didn’t appear.  What’s wrong?

    You were most likely caught by our slightly over-zealous spam filter, Akismet.  Send me (Greg) an email at ‘gpm23’, which is at ‘’, and I’ll pull it out of the spam filter.  After a time or two, it will learn you aren’t a spambot and let your comments through.

Why are my comments getting marked as spam, at this and other wordpress blogs?  I didn’t mention viagra once!

    The most common kind of spam we get are reasonable-looking comments, ie “Great post, guys!” but whose author’s link is to a website peddling illicit goods and/or services.  What most likely happened is that your name is linking to a website that Akismet has decided not to trust for some reason (maybe foreign IPs?).  Thus, if you’d prefer not to send me an email, you should try commenting without a link.


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