Protons have orbited the LHC!


The beam went three times around the LHC ring: see CMS’s e-commentary and CERN’s twitter.  This is the milestone that was a big media event last year (September 10, 2008).

Update: now it’s 500 times around the ring (about 0.05 seconds).  Last year’s record was about 9 minutes of continuous beam.

Update: up to 9 seconds, 30 seconds (50k events seen by CMS)…

Update: and now a beam in the other direction has made a full orbit.  (All you gotta do is smack ’em together!)

Update (Nov 21): on Saturday, we got hours of stable beam (single beams, not colliding).  This has never been done before with the LHC: from here on, it’s all new territory.  Now I’ve got to get to work on the offline data, which should be great for detector alignment…


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