Hooray for blogs!


I’m Greg, still a grad student at Cornell. I tend to focus on algebraic geometry and similar concerns. I am very excited about this blog, since I’ve already been writing for a few months into a tex file as an excuse to parse and polish my thoughts into a quasi-presentable form. My plans are to write entries about things I have been thinking about recently, in the hopes of stimulating conversation and figuring out how best to explain things. There will also be lighter posts about the nature of math and mathematicians, and other such bloggy-diversions.


3 Responses to “Hooray for blogs!”

  1. thomas1111 Says:

    Hello, I wish this new math blog to be successfull! I’m not commenting the other posts right now for I’m not knowledgeable on these topics, but it surely is interesting.

    Just a few tips that you may or may not want to use: (1) to make the blog more interactive you might want to go to the widgets section of your wordpress account and add recent comments on the frontpage, these allow to show to newcomers which discussions are active at the moment which they might join (and it’s possible to remove the avatars next to the comments if you don’t like that feature); (2) to make your blog more recognizable among others it’s possible to put a background image in the title section or simply change colors here and there (the theme you’re using right now is a default one which perhaps doesn’t look very personal).

  2. Jim Belk Says:

    Thanks for the advice. I’ve added recent comments to the sidebar as you suggested. I also agree that we should change the look of the blog in the long run — we would need to find a good background image for the title bar, and I would need to remember how CSS works to change the layout. (A custom theme seems better than any of the default options.)

    It would also be nice to have an “about” page for each of the three authors, and we should add links to and from our university home pages.

    By the way, I also turned off the comment moderation, which had been on by default for new comment authors.

    EDIT: Ok, I made a custom title bar using a digital photo of an erased blackboard that I happened to have, together with a blackboard chalk font that I found online. In the long run, maybe it would be fun to draw a title bar on an actual blackboard and take a photo of it. (We could have mathematical decorations around the text: commutative diagrams, pictures using colored chalk, etc.)

  3. John Armstrong Says:

    Welcome to the fray, Cornellians. Glad to have you.

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